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Equipment: SOZ-YOW Intergrated Oxygen-Ozone Generator/Ozone generator for w
Equipment Type: Environment Protection Equipment -> Water Treatment Equipment
Unit Type: piece
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2018-07-21
Main Features: Model: SOZ-YOW-40G,50G,60G,80G,100G Ozone production:40g/h,50g/h,60g/h,80g/h,100g/h Size:500*60*1400mm
Description: 1. Water-cooling. 2. Intergrating oxygen generating and ozone generating. 3. Adapt pressure swing adsorption(PSA) method and American zeolite molecular sieve to separate oxygen from nitrogen and filter harmful substances in the air to obtain high concentration oxygen in line with medical oxygen standards. 4. The machine contains oil free air compressor. 5. Adjustable ozone output.Standard 4~20mA signal access port,allowing remote control by different types of ozone measureing devices. 6. Key points monitoring including main board temperature detection,line output transformer temperature detection,cooling water temperature detection,back flow water detection of the corona discharge tube. 7. All gas circuits work in low pressure,safe and reliable.
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