BNP ozone technology Co., Ltd
Equipments detail
Equipment: OZ series ozone generator
Equipment Type: Environment Protection Equipment -> Water Treatment Equipment
Unit Type: Piece
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2018-05-14
Main Features: Ozone production:3g/h,5g/h,7g/h,10g/h,15g/h Size :670*330*970,730*370*970,800*630*1200mm Model:OZ-3G,OZ-5G,OZ-7G,OZ-10G,OZ-15G
Description: 1. With air-cooling. 2. Adjustable ozone output 3. Containing 65L air compressor inside. 4. it has special design to prevent back-flow water in water treatment. 5. Both air source and oxygen souorce are acceptable. 6. Portable.
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